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Grind Master

Grind Master:

We, Atharva Industrial Equipments Pvt. Ltd. are the best Grind Master Manufacturer and supplier in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The grind master, often shortened to grinder, is one of the power tools or machine tools used for grinding; it is a type of machining that uses an abrasive disk as a cutting machine. Every grain of the abrasive on the surface of the wheel bites a small chip from the workpiece through shear deformation.

Work of Grind Master:

Grinding machines remove the material from the workpiece by friction, which can produce enough amount of heat. To cool the workpiece so that it does not get too hot and goes out of its tolerance, a coolant is included in the grind master. The grinding is used to eliminate the workpiece, which should show high surface quality (eg, low surface roughness) and high accuracy of size and dimension. As in grinding, the accuracy of 0.000025 mm in the dimensions is in order, in most applications, it operates a finishing and removes the relatively small metal, the depth of approximately 0.25 to 0.50 mm. However, there are some thick applications where the high amount of metal from the grinding turns out to be fast enough. Thus, the grinding is a diverse area. In the grinding machine, there is a bed with stability to direct and keep workpieces, and there is an electric wheel grinding wheel at the required speed. Speed is determined by the diameter of the wheel and the manufacturer's rating.