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Grinding Machine Manufacturers

Grinding Machine Manufacturer

We are the best grinding machine manufacturer in Pune, Maharashtra, India. A grinding machine is a type of device used to grind a workpiece. It uses an abrasive wheel as a cutting tool. The rough surface of the abrasive wheel cuts off small parts of the workpiece as needed. It is also known as a grinder.

A grinder machine is typically used to shape and finish a given material with low surface roughness and high surface quality. It is primarily a finishing operation that extracts relatively small amounts of metal to deliver highly accurate products. However, certain applications also include the rapid elimination of high amounts of metal.

It consists of a bed with a fixed guide to place the workpiece, and an electric wheel that rotates at a predetermined speed. The head of the grinder can be set to move in a fixed workpiece, or the workpiece can be moved while the head remains in a stationary position. The position of the grinding head or table can be controlled properly using a handwheel or a computerized numerical controller.

Application of grinding process:

  • The cylindrical grinding process is used to grind the outer surface of a cylindrical object.
  • The internal grinding process is used to fix taped, straight and formed pores.
  • The centerless grinding process is used to prepare release less bush, shouldered pins and ceramic shaft for circulator pump.
  • Milling cutters, taps, other various machine cutting tool cutters, and some special grinders are used to sharpen the rhymer.

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